Mary Evans, LSCSW
Licensed Clinical Therapist

“Keri was accepting of my experience, validating of my feelings and empowering of my strengths. Keri’s coaching process supported me to identify those external and internal stressors that left me feeling stressed and/or depleted. It helped me use my strengths to be more mindful, set intentions and develop action plans that left me feeling more confident in myself and more empowered in my relationships with others. During this process, Keri conveyed a deep sense of acceptance and compassion for my struggles, so that I was able to speak my truth from a place of acceptance and compassion for myself. This sense of safety allowed me to move beyond my patterns and circumstances to create new possibilities for my life. Keri is a badass and I love her!”

Nancy Barnes
Coaching Client​

“I found my experience with Keri Nail to be very eye opening and profoundly enlightening. Keri gave me the insight of what was truly important to me and how to effectively react or respond. I am truly glad that I embarked upon this journey of self awareness and acceptance with Life Coach Keri Nail. Her skills in opening up my mind and eyes to what I am really all about made me realize that Accept not Expect is a much better way of living. Her compassion for helping me see how I exist helped me better my relationship with certain family members and in general everyday life situations. In exploring what talents, beliefs and life experiences I have had, she made me realize what profession(s) I would be very good at or in. I am truly grateful for her insight and belief in me and look forward to even more opportunities and discussions with her guidance.”

Diane DeGroot
Specialty Representative at AbbVie Corporation​ ​

“Keri always asks the right questions of me as she understands my personality. When I wasn’t successful with changes, Keri truly helped me figure out why and we made a new plan that worked! This is a talent of hers to understand people, and help guide them without them having to justify their current behaviour. Keri allowed me to be vulnerable, and she was too. Symbiotic approach! You were dedicated to me, and completely customized my program. You were organized and helped me organize my life plan, and daily plan, and more importantly my values and time management issues. Incredible value was found, as you changed major life habits. I was inspired by my own commitment to my own happiness, self worth, and stress reduction, with a future in mind of being able to better deal with all personal relationships.”

Vernetta L. Wheeler
Coaching Client
“This has been an outstanding experience! Understanding my own personality type and that of my daughter’s has helped me develop a more effective way of communicating with her. Since then, she has been much more open and upfront with me when she has something on her mind. In addition to the improved communication with my daughter, I have modified my approach and overall style of interaction with colleagues in the workplace. Having a better appreciation of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality types and their respective characteristics has greatly enhanced my workplace relationships and made me seem more approachable by both my peers and subordinates. I look forward to continuing our work together!”
Ruthie Bresette
Senior Sales Director at Mary Kay Cosmetics Kansas City, Missouri Area
“Keri’s presentation to my group of entrepreneurs was concise and intriguing! We were all on the edge of our seats the entire time! We are still talking about our personality types and how we now understand ourselves better. Knowing how God created us, allows us to accept ourselves and know our strengths, so we can steward them well. It also gives us a better understanding and acceptance of other important people in our lives. We have all felt that we “weren’t enough” at times and Keri surely silences that inner voice/lie! Keri’s personality is energizing, encouraging, and kind. She speaks through her eyes and draws each and every person into her heart and soul. The way she engaged the group and encouraged their questions was highly effective. I would love to spend more time with her and am recommending many on my team to do the same.”
Maryetta Jones
Coaching Client

“”Thank you for being my rock, sharing your wisdom and helping me when I needed you most. I am learning about blogs. Perhaps it’s my next new best thing. If I had not had your support and encouragement, it may have passed me by. Thank you for planting the seed! Be well, and thanks again for your kindness, love and our friendship over so many years! I’ve known Keri as a person who truly believes in her core values and professionally uses all her knowledge, expertise and experience to help people reach their goals and success in their careers. She is really one of a kind!””

Keith Cole
Kentucky Fried Chicken, Franchisee Treasurer

“I’ve sat in on many workshops on leadership and relationships over my career and I gauge their effectiveness on what I can take back to my team. Keri was a fantastic speaker with a powerful message. I was inspired to put her teachings on personality types to use the day I got back from our meeting. She not only helped me in dealing with my team but I found myself thinking about Keri’s words in my day to day relationships with my family. I’m looking forward to bringing Keri’s expertise directly to my team so they can use her principles in their work and personal lives. I highly recommend Keri and the teachings she brings.”

Maryam Karvandi
Coaching Client
“Keri is a very knowledgeable professional in the field of Organizational Development and Organizational Effectiveness. Her expertise with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as well as years of experience working in the Education and Business sectors within highly reputed international organizations has provided her with a vast insight that makes her a valuable member of her profession. She helps people who are looking for ways to improve their standard levels. By applying her service, they can explore their personality types, preferences and the way they could interact with others to gain better results either in their workplace or in their personal life. Through the years, I’ve known Keri as a person who truly believes in her core values and professionally uses all her knowledge, expertise and experience to help people reach their goals and success in their careers. She is really one of a kind!”
Dr. Tom Reynolds
Executive Coach and former executive at BMO Group of Companies
“Having worked with Keri on several projects I can vouch for her professionalism, her caring approach to clients and commitment to excellence. She has a vast knowledge of organizational and individual strategies that assist individuals and teams on accomplishing excellence in their work. Keri worked with me on developing several organizational, team and leadership development courses as well as implementing them in organizations. Her authentic warmth, caring and optimism inspire individuals and teams to achieve high performance.”
Michelle Waite
Chief Marketing Officer, ShiftRunner Pte Ltd
“Keri’s expertise in applying the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator was instrumental for me both personally and professionally. Her deep understanding of the psychological preferences not only helped me to find my “next” while I went through my own midlife career change, but was extremely useful with my new company too. We were able to work together to develop a baseline personality profile for story characters in our game Pandoo Nation. Keri is top notch.”
Conor Paulsen
Commercial Development Manager at Clear Choice Properties
“It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Keri. I had the pleasure of attending Keri’s “Knowledge, Enlightenment, & Profit” workshop at the Global Student Entrepreneurial Awards in Kansas City in January, 2016. I was in awe of Keri’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages. Keri’s advice on creating/maintaining an exceptional workplace culture has helped our team’s growth and performance immensely. As a team member or a leader, Keri earns my highest recommendation.”

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